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Crust Trade!

Anarcho, Crust, Power-Violence, Grind File Sharing Community

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Welcome to crust_trade
The Fucking Rules

  • Don't advertise/spam in this community. It will be deleted and you will be banned.
  • Be friendly and courteous to other members.
  • Don't be the typical 'punk rock elite'.... people need to knock that shit off.
  • Don't share Metallica shit or anything else that is radio-friendly.
  • You HAVE to share in this community. Even if all you have is a few songs to share. It does no one any good if only 2 or 3 members are sharing.

What to do

  • Request what you want, and other members will respond.

9 shocks terror, a//political, aaritila, abc diabolo, abuso sonoro, accion mutante, amebix, anarcho-punk, anthrax, anti-cimex, anti-system, antisect, assembly of god, atrocious madness, aus-rotten, autonomy, avskum, axegrinder, bad posture, ballast, bastard sons of apocalypse, battalion of saints, battle of disarm, behind enemy lines, blanks 77, blown to bits, born against, born/dead, broken bones, brother inferior, capitalist casualties, caustic christ, century of war, chaos uk, citizen fish, civil disobedience, cluster bomb unit, code 13, conflict, confuse, consume, corrosion of conformity, crass, cress, crucifix, crust, culture shock, cut the shit, cut-throat, d-beat, d.i.r.t., deadfall, deathreat, decontrol, defiance, deprived, detestation, deviated instinct, disarm, discharge, disclose, disgust, disobediencia civil, disorder, disrespect, dissucks, doom, dropdead, econochrist, effigy, electro hippies, exit stance, extinction of mankind, extreme noise terror, filth, filth of mankind, final conflict, fleas and lice, flux of pink indians, forca macabra, forward, framtid, gauze, gbh, genocide superstars, gism, gloom, grindcore, hellbastard, hellhammer, hellkrusher, hellshock, hiatus, his hero is gone, icons of filth, inepsy, jim jones party mix, kegcharge, liberty, life, logical nonsense, mankind?, masskontrol, mdc, minor threat, misery, mushroom attack, napalm death, nasum, nausea, necros, negative approach, no fucker, phobia, punk, reagan youth, recharge, resist, riistetyt, rudimentary peni, schwartzeneggar, severed head of state, signal lost, skitkids, skitsystem, sleeper cell, spazm 151, spazz, state of fear, strung up, subhumans, suicidal supermarket trolleys, the cravats, the crucifucks, the insane, the restarts, the system, the varukers, thrash, totalitar, toxic narcotic, tragedy, violent society, vivisick, vomit punx, warcry, warpath, witch hunt, wolfbrigade, world burns to death