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Posters,flyers and other old shit

I have avirtual plethora of old posters of rad grind/crust/death list a few :Mortician with exhumed on the back, a super old snfu poster, some locale vancouver show flyers and some other crap,but im only willing to trade if its worth it. The mortician/exhumed poster is from the 80s and is extremely "valuable" if you know whats rare and good. I have an Iskra 7" i'd be willing to trade.I cant remember the title right now..but itsfrom a year or two ago.with the old bassist on it. A "fuck the common wealth" 12" compilation from the mid 80's with a bunch of amazing bands on it like : BLaCK KRONSTADT,Mexican Power Authority,Kops for Christ and blow hard, and more bands from Ontario and B.C.I have some tapes too.Like Agnostic Front -Libery and Justice, Some suicidal Tendancies, Napalm Death, Obituary-the end complete- Nagative Approach,all with inserts.

Yeah so im willing to trade for some rad old rgind and crust, nothing to early because i might have it.
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